My name is Jamie

The property is valued (per Zillow) at $70,000.

I purchased in 2005 for $60,000 and my conservative estimated value is around $50,000.

Looking for $32,500 (65% LTV) with all cost being financed into the loan.  

I am using the funds to restructure some debt that would allow me to cash flow $1000/month.

Also to strength my personal credit which at this time is 667, 627,692

The property has one small mortgage lien of $10,000 that I would be paying off with proceeds.

The property is rented out with tenants that have been their since 2005 and the property was totally rehabbed in 2005 (top to bottom).  

I grow up in this house and will be keeping this in my family for many more years to come.

please contact me at  Thank you for your time and consideration of this project.

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Hi Jay!

Where is this property located? 

PA, 44 south harrisburg st, Steelton PA 17113.  

My company, ReCasa Financial Group, may be able to help you. We offer a rehab loan program that offers 100% financing for purchase, improvements and closing costs for 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties. If this is something that you are interested in please give us a call at 614.221.6770 or let us know the best way to contact you. 

Thank you!

Nikki Lawler

Hi Nikki,

Would your program work in PA for a NOO property?

Yes it would! Feel free to contact us at 614.221.6770 or, or tell us the best way to contact you, so we can help you with your investment!


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