Looking for a SERIOUS INVESTOR for a UNUSUAL REAL ESTATE PROJECT in the HIGHEST LUXURY TOURISM on BALI - INDONESIA > target sum 100M-125M$ for a total project cost estimation of 375M$

> target sum 100M-125M$ for a total project cost estimation of 375M$ .....
possible in 3 phases fund liberation
> great ROI and investment technically covered by increase of land value !!!
please for basic info / teaser send request to villabalipassion@yahoo.com
skype: villabalipassion
YM: dv1959dv@yahoo.com

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I would like to hear more about this project.  My company has the capacity to orchestrate and facilitate creative solutions for even the most difficult transactions.  We are a private commercial financing for a host of commercial real estate projects.  Anything from Golf Course, Shopping Malls/Centers, Multi-Family Structures, Refinancing, Gas Stations, Office Buildings, Condotels, Industrial & Warehouses, Alternative Energy and even infrastructure  and much more!   Let me know if you would like to talk.  I can be reached at 1-800-650-3370 or email me at         kingdompartners.landy@gmail.com.  

id love to help

please contact me to begin the process



Good Day.

We have a real estate company (3G BUILDING TECHNOLOGY LTD). We are the registered company of Bangladesh Government & Company registration number is: C-83967/10. Now we have enough projects for build up new building in Dhaka city. We have also land in Coxbazer project. As you know, Coxbazer is the largest sea beach in the world. If we build up any commercial resort or any kind of 3 star hotels & sell that project than it will be so profitable business. Dhaka is the capital city & Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh


 Dear Sir as per Bangladesh government announcement, Bangladesh real estate sector is number one rising sector in Bangladesh. Real estate Market of Bangladesh is almost saturated by the five thundered of real estate Company which is around Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and some district of Bangladesh. Now this time we have not enough money for construction work. We will make per square feet US $40 & we can sale per square feet US $64 (average, in Dhaka). Our every project ROI is 10% - 12.5% (Average). We are looking for a business partner and investor who come to our country for invest our business as an Honorable chairman of our company.


Dear sir many countries investor are invested in our country. Such as

1. China - Company Name: China Garden City Developers Ltd.

2. America - Company Name:  America Purbanchol city.

3. Japan - Company Name: Japan Garden City Ltd. & etc. 

Recently the largest Indian Shahara Group are invest in our country as a real estate company.


We would like you to join us; it is a highly profitable business. Kindly contact us & we can tell you each & everything in detail & we can further go on.



Waiting for your answer.

With best regards

Shekh Md. Faisal.




House No# 1010/A

Road No# 16












The management of this project totally distance themselves from this post, for the simple reason that the figures mentioned are not right and Mr. Daniel Verheecke, working with us for a very brief period, not wanting to understand the concept, only interested in chasing the money, so we would buy his 'mini-resort' in order to use it as a training-center in exchange for having a position in the company to be set-up, started placing these posts on several sites, as we understand with providing false/untrue information such as that we would either have taken out a 6 months option on the land or even were in possession of the land.

Mr. Daniel Verheecke of Villas Bali Passion in Kerobokan, Bali was not happy with a company directive that all contacts regarding investments should run past our CFO, this directive becoming very much needed as Mr. Daniel Verheecke, very unprofessional as one can see in the post here, was trying to funnel all reactions to his own business - and private e-mail addresses, as you can see for yourselves.

We very much apologize for the unprofessional behavior of Mr. Daniel Verheecke, whereby insults to potential investors seemed to be common and part of his communications, but we expected a proprietor of a Hospitality Entity to be more eloquent in his wording and expressive capabilities.

Mr. Verheecke feels that he is wronged by us, but we believe that his posts and subsequent communications speak for themselves, but in his anger he showed even poorer judgement, by venting his anger on me, calling me names (as some of you have also experienced) even steeping so low as speaking bad about my late wife who died in 2007 after fighting cancer for 27 years. Is there anything lower in life than speaking bad about the dead ?

If you receive any degrading - or hate mail from Mr. Daniel Verheecke, I suggest you do as I do, report it to the Owner of the site, group or even authorities.

Knowing that we will see an avalanche of such mails passing our account, hoping that all of you will be spared of that, I can only end by stating that obviously Mr. Daniel Verheecke is not associated with the group or any member within that group.


Lord Bart-Jan Mathot of Loch Leven and Glencoe.

management of what ?


Mister LORD has no money, not even little money to buy toys for his children ... he 63 and his wife 29 and she pretending she was boss of MY VILLA .... than I found out about lies about he spend 30.000euro/week for the cancer treatment of his dead wife ... NEVER IT WAS ..... checked the register


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