SFR, Redwood City CA
Owner occ
726 Mid score
$1.68M loan amount if possible
65-70% LTV of the current value
Value 2.4M
Purchased 40 days ago for 2M, had a option to buy lease a yr ago for this PP and put $800K down payment
480k cash out
$1.2M current balance at 9.25%
Bank Statements Only NO TAX RETURNS
Self employed, has several companies
$200-300k in assets- combination of cash, stocks, bonds

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Construction Loans available/ Rehabs

11% -13% Interest and 2- 4 points ( Closing costs required of borrower)

80% of purchase
9 Month Term 
100% of rehab/ construction
Max loan amount on this program is 2MM
Client's credit doesn't matter
California, Arizona,Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, SC, NJ ,Ohio, Texas, Florida, NJ, and Illinois 
For this construction loan program
This is very simple
Great for builders and rehabbers
Just need one sheet to review
877-570-5594 Arden
or email


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