Looking for a JV Partner on existing and future deals in Midwest

Outlook Development Group develops and purchases properties across the different asset classes, including medical office, retail, grocery, multi-family, industrial, and office. In the last 7 years we've acquired or developed over $150 million. Check out our website at www.outlookdev.com. We have a pipeline of deals and opportunities arise every 1-3 months.

We're looking for a strategic JV Partner who would be willing to fund 50-90% of the equity in our deals. Cash flow from the deal would be paid out as follows: 1st to a preferred return, then return of principal, then a split between the equity investors and the general partners, essentially a syndication. Target cash on cash returns in year 1 are north of 10% on stabilized deals.

The holding period is on a deal by deal basis. We currently have a NNN single tenant office deal under contract that the intent is to hold for 10 years and either sell when the tenant renews or refinance and pull cash out. Another deal we're in the process of redeveloping is an old Borders in which we have landed DSW Shoes on a 10 year lease. If we can sell it for our strike price, we'll sell it, otherwise we're willing to hold it. In addition we're developing a $22 million grocery store in Chicago where the intent is to sell upon occupancy.

If you're interested in discussing, feel free to contact me at 414-435-0260 x 14 or dan@outlookdev.com.

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