Is anyone in the USA do loans? I got three loan offers for some properties i wanted to buy and all three were from overseas. They wanted up front fees,tax money and app fees. Is there any lenders who want to make money or just hold it.
Thanks i guess

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We can help with your loan needs. Please email me the information at I left several messages on your phone and no reply

Ann i apologize we miss each other. Mike and i were playing phone tag. When he called i was busy and could not get phone and when he call i take it was the same. I called about 3:00 on Saturday and my wife said he called right after i left the shop about 3;30. So call me or i will call you monday. I am in and out of shop as you probably are yourself. I emailed you Friday about 10:30 fraiday morning i think. Do not give up because i am not. Thanks.

We do loans , no upfront fee, Ill get you the terms in a day.

We work with over 50 lenders very closely, Were still getting rates in the low 3's.

Rates are the moving target. After I see the deal put together I will get feelers within a day. Trust me, I will get you the best the market has to offer.

I'd love to work on a deal with you.

When is a good time to talk?!

Leah thanks for reponce and my # is 803-699-7400, e-mail is Please do either to get in touch. If you need to call. Between 10:30 and 6:00 pm EST. i look to the future of speaking to you.


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