Need loan of $150000 for two houses for flip. Each is 3 br 2 bath. Does anyone do this without up front fees. I will pay for appraisal and inspection. Already have ernest money down and contracts done. Thanks to one who will reply

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The Gist Group LLC works with a large Hedge Fund that will Joint Venture partner with proven rehab professionals.

This Investor will bring 100% of the cash needed for quick flip (6 months or less) single family deals, from $100 K to $700 K,up to 65%of ARV,and split profits 50-50.All 50 states qualify.

If you can bring single family residence deals that we can buy and rehab at no more than 65% of ARV, we will partner with you, produce a written binding purchase offer within 72 hours, and close it within 10 business days.

877-570-5594 Arden or email

Arden, can you tell me more about this. Will you do this in Philadelphia? As i am a experienced Investor. We have completed 4 fix and flips in 2010 now looking to get back on the horse. Do you just need comps to see if its something that can be looked at?



How are you? Am a direct lender,  Contact us for your  funding application today if you are interested. Thanks.



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