Rahman loan services offers all kind of loans-Property Types: Virtually all types of commercial real estate including: hotel resorts and casinos; alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, waste conversion, etc.); office, mixed-use, assisted living, multifamily, retail, industrial, medical/ dental; public-use facilities; infrastructure (highway, rail, bridges, roads, etc.); recreational facilities, storage/warehouses, etc.

Loan Terms: Terms will be determined by property type, loan amount and fundings during formal underwriting. Representative loan terms would be a 5-10 year term, amortized over 25 years.

Rates: Rates are usually calculated from cost of funds against Prime. This is determined based on property type, loan amount and fundings during formal underwriting. For new construction, rates are typically in the low to mid 5%'s. For refinancing and/or acquisitions, rates are typically in the mid 4%'s.

Loan to Value: Up to 70% LTV on new construction, and 80% - 90% LTV for refinancing and acquisitions, depending on property type, loan amount and other factors.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (NOI/debt service): Minimum 1.25x, varies by property type.
Recourse/Non Recourse: This can only be determined through formal underwriting.

Turnaround Time: Usually one to two business working days.Underwriting Fee: Depends on loan size (refundable at th closing table) to cover underwriting costs; paid only after/if an LOI has been issued.

Application Process (typically 2-3days from receipt of a full loan package):
Submit a Project Summary Form and executive summary or detailed description of

the project; Dependent upon the Lenders' Network in which your deal is placed; A Due

diligence payment may be required before receiving a Letter of Interest (LOI)
Chat Conversation End.

If okay with terms,pls kindly contact us.
Abdul Rahman
Associate/Loan Originator
150 C Riverview School Rd Oakhurst, CA 92808
Office: (760)-349-1417 Mobile: (760)-919-2800
Website www.abdulrahmanfinances.com
H:Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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How is a due diligence fee not an upfront fee?

Mr. Rahman,

Good evening. My name is Dwayne Moore and I’m a real estate investor in Chicago, IL.  I saw that you’re looking to lend money at 4% interest rate.  Please advise me on the requirements for funding! Thank you in advance!

Hello Thanks for your reply however emailed for more information. abdulrahmanloanservice@gmail.com

I sent him money that he demanded that I had to pay in order to get my loan. After 3 months still no loan. But he still has my money and has never offered to send it back. DO NOT deal with this man!!!!

Have you informed the police and FBI???

Hello, I'm looking to purchase a business in Costa Rica. I will be moving there to run the business full time. I have done all due diligence on property and business. It is a operating and profitable business now. If interest please contact me Vince Friedel  @ vincefriedel@gmail.com or 610.656.8149  Thank You!


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