Up to 100% of project cost nationwide and select international markets for Business and Real estate Start up or expansion. Funds up to 100% of project cost  (not finance related cost) and 80% of operating value on qualified project which includes acquisitions, construction, expansions and business startup for aviation, land or sea transportation, senior care  and  senior living, anything medical including hemp farming and cannabis processing plants, manufacturing, new technology projects, Multifamily and industrial. Even churches. Finance range $500,000 - $750 million. Available Now. Structured finance products like Capital Syndication, Family of Funds Credit Lines, Preferred shares capitalization, Debt-Equity hybrids or just pure equity capitalization at minimal cost..

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Please, contact me if projects in Central European countries of interest. RE Startup to solve the abandoned properties problem.

If you are interested in my referring  my client projects to your company for funding, then please send your broker referral agreement.  If you don't have one ready, there is one I have in place with my other funding resources.  I just need the official name and address of your company, along with the names and titles of the authorized signatories.

 I hope that there are no upfront costs of any kind, from anyone at any time, but please confirm that.  Many clients have been burnt by these, and will not pay them.


Maury Schein





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