I'm James Carroll with Indiana Business Finance. IBF is proud to present several programs we are currently offering for financing.

Investor program—Our investors work differently with each project. So I can't give in depth details. This is usually commercial base. This goes from $250,000 to unlimited. Im working with a project right now the company only needed 300k and another project which needs 1.8Billion. The 300 K is more hard money loan, while the other is more of a traditional investor loan. (World Wide)

Conventional Loaning—You take out a loan and pay back over 20 or maybe 25 yrs. This interest is low. This program ranges from 100K up in the millions. This will have a lo to do with credit ranking. (US Only)

Credit Card Program—This program goes up to $250,000 credit limit. This is based on credit rating, and your debt. This helps to establish business credit. this can be good for seed money. We show you how to use the credit card as cash, or a check book, etc. (US Only)

The most unusual program I have is with a private investor. Give you an example of what IBF can do for you look over the following offer: A. $2M loan with a minimum of $200K, no repayment and fixed interest rate at 3.625% or 4.620%. Payments are interest only, depending on the term. (This does not include negotiable points)

Let me know your needs and I can give you more info

James Carroll

Business Funding Expert


Skype id gepdirect

(765) 271-5665

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Yes, I like what you have here to offer, and it just maybe what I need to get some deals done. But 2 things I ask. One is what is your fee and can you be paid when loan is approved. Two, can you arrange project financing for 2 very good cash flowing pharmacies in the state of Florida?

contact me if you are interested to invest in TURKEY for a real estate project at rebyali1@gmail.com

Would like to know more about the IBF program.


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