land acquisition loan and possible development/construction

plot of land near heavy developed beach area in Southeast....100 or so was sold for $10 million or so to small development group which did not stay together.

need: acquisition money to acquire land....lets say $3.5million....and then we need to have construction and development money once land is under title....plan is to develop condos,   single family homes, sell off portions of  land to  hotel, apartment , and retail developers.

Zoning for all of these in place.

I would be mortgage broker..and perhaps who has built office buildings and single family and town home developments(award winning ) in State would be overseeing development..other investors in the  area would be brought aboard as needed.

.....we would do sales contract to acquire land.....and then proceed to typical land development/construction type of loan.....

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Can you email me at a detailed executive summary, with marketing plan & exit strategies, support spreedsheets/proforma-use of funds schedule, revenue & expenses, monthly operating construction budget, developer's resumes, how much skin is he putting into the project, functional & Positional organizational, current corportate and personal financial statement, historic corporate & personal financials and tax returns for past 3 years, feasibility study, appraisal, photos, renderings, cma, surveys, permits, licenses, articles of incorporation or organization, w/bylaws or operating agreement.  Thanks Sa,

I have interest in speaking to you about this loan scenario. We are direct lenders not brokers who have funded over $3 billion in closed loans all over the U.S. and a good part of the world. Contact me directly either by email or call me at 201-342-8500 to discuss.

Jeff Silver



See below program for your project.

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