Ever want to live on Maui and make money? Here is your opportunity. I need an investor, not a loan, with $1,200,000 to secure the $6,500,000 property. Please watch the video to see what I need. I don't need a loan just an investor.

This is an 84 unit apartment building, which can start construction in 4 months or less. All other loans are set up for the project and just a few more permits need to be pulled. We can't pull these permits until we have secured the property.

We originally need over $6,000,000 but with a new loan program, that has been cut it down to $1,200,000. You get 20% ownership in a $46,000,000 completed project and 20% of the NOI which is around $420,000 a year to the investor.

Please watch the video now.

Please contact me at (808) 870-9813.

We have all the other funding ready to go for this project. All we need is your investment of $1,200,000.


Capt. Ronald S. Stebbins II

(808) 870-9813

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Don't need a loan.

Still interested in the Finance, Kindly email or call at, (929) 450-7074.

John A Hanson


What is the exist strategy? 


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