I have over 350 clients who need to refinance loans on investment properties they hold in an IRA.  Many own multiple properties.    Need 50-65% LTV.  They've already talked to the big ones (NASB etc.)  Do you know of anyone else who I can send them to?

OR, do you provide warehouse/credit lines where we could fund their refinances for them?

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Are all your clients holding residential properties?  Depending on loan amounts and locations, I may be able to help you if they are commercial properties.

Personal email is jaredrine@gmail.com


Kenneth - That is in very poor taste to spam two of my postings with irrelevant information.  You may want to reconsider your marketing strategies.

I repeat,,,, Evergreen Home Loan has never heard of a Mark Luke 

pass him personal info at your own risk ,,,

Thanks Tom for the heads up.  I never tried to contact him anyway since his posts are SPAM...  Too bad, I had hopes for this site..


I never heard from you, as I was the first to respond...Are all of your clients holding only SFRs?  And what's general locations for these properties?

Please advise.

Jared Rine


properties are all SFR, duplex and triplex.

Hi Kevin:

Please give me a call. I have a lender for you.

Ann O'Rourke



Hi Kevin:

I may be able to help you. I have a lender for you. Please give me a call at Prime Time Financial Consultants 603-560-4398

Ann O'Rourke


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