Investment-Grade Real Estate for Seasoned Investors and Institutions

 My name is Fred and I am part of a National Group of Educated Real Estate Investors and a Clearing House for Investment-Grade Real Estate. Our group is sourcing and controlling properties throughout the USA at 48% to 63% ARV on average. Some of the properties require repairs while others are turn key. We are looking to form relationships with Institutional Acquisition Teams, Endowments, Foundations, Private and Public Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, REITs and Seasoned Real Estate Investors to move these quality properties to. Each property will be vetted, inspected, valuated and performance forecasted prior to being sent for consideration.

 We are also engaging in equity disposition profit sharing with a select few Institutional Groups based on a 60/40 split in favor of the Institution. This affords the Institutional Acquisition Teams a realized share in the Equity Base derived and offers complete transparency of the entire transaction. This is a major element separating us from your typical Wholesaler or Investor as we will not hide from you our initial acquisition price and terms.

 Finally, we are also offering, to select few Institutions, a value added 30 day Guarantee Audit Protection. If, during the first 30 days after closing one of our transactions, your Audit teams determine that the Investment was obtained outside of your criteria/parameters, we will buy it back from you. Our goal is to create long term relationships and we feel this program conveys that message loud and clear.

 To get started with us is easy. Simply send us your Acquisition Criteria via email to: or visit our website at for additional information and to register your Acquisition Team.

 We welcome the opportunity to provide you Investment Grade Real Estate so that you can continue to deploy capital all the while mitigating your risk exposure with our services.

Thank you in advance,

Fred T.

Valuations & Placement Team

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