We need a serious lender, had a guy that loaned up to 200k on fico score over 700 no payments first 6 months then interest only payments, told us we were approved for 150k only to tell us in the end they could lend 30k,he wasted our time. If there is a lender out there that can close on those terms please contact me at bcrellc@aol.com.

We are now in a bad spot with our rehab purchase.

scenario: purchase 90k, full rehab 80k -ARV 320k low end.


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If your credit score is 700 you can qualify for AT THE VERY LEAST

a FHA loan. i work for a bank that deal with FHA loan and other loan products.

I can be contacted at 862 224 4502. What is your contact number.

If you wish I can send info throught your email. We can do business in 50 states.

My name is Myron


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