The Park at Eleven North is a Nashville High End Urban Lifestyle Experience in the heart of the downtown Nashville inner loop. In Historic Buena Vista, The Park at Eleven North is located at 1112 11th Ave. N. Nashville Tn, right across the street from Monroe Park, for which we are named. Our empire style inspired 3 story, roof top terrace single family residences offer owners with panoramic views of downtown Nashville, including downtown landmarks like our State Capital, Bi-Centennial Mall. Buena Vista is seeing a vibrant re-development that is being spurred because of it's incredible location to such downtown attractions like, Farmers Market, Bi-Centennial Mall, Downtown Nashville, and finally the new downtown baseball stadium in Sulphur Dell.

To learn more about this exciting project that you can help finance, visit our Facebook page at The Park at Eleven North.

We are looking for a 18 month 100% construction loan on a draw system, interest only at no more than 12% APR and no more than 2 pts with closing cost wrapped in. We have on file....

1. Investor Financials

2. Executive Summary

3. Business Entity Documents

4. Last 2 months bank statements

5. Last 2 year tax returns

6. Year to date Profit / Loss

7. Credit Report

8. CMA

9. Title Commitment

10 Contractor Budget and Timeline

For more information please contact our agent, Jesse Gonzalez directly 615-424-0961

I have sent out our application details to over 12 lenders who contacted me and said they could do this to only find out...they can't.

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I am able to get you the loan with the best rates possible for your situation.

Email for more information

Did you get your funding?

I am able to get you the loan with the best rates possible for your situation.

Email for more information

Contact - or visit the Instant Funder Page on this site.

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