THIS IS WAYNE SANDERS and i am looking for all borrowers within the real estate world that are looking for financing for all of their projects.

Please keep in mind that you must have all of the suitable qualifications needed to secure a loan. a responsible borrower knows that he/she must be able to bring something to the table when it comes to closing a deal worth several million dollars, whether it be collateral, high credit, assets or all of these combined.

there is no such thing as being over prepared. make sure you have all of your ducks in a row and everything you need to secure a loan/financing; Especially if you're trying to close as quickly as possible.

The only thing that slows up the process are the borrowers. Whatever your needs are please contact me immediately i am in contact with every kind of lender within the real estate world.

I am also looking for HUGE MASSIVE PROJECTS of $100 million USD or more. When you contact me please make sure that you have a summary or a business plan that you can email me ( so that i can forward to the appropriate firm.

I want to close these deals as fast as you, believe. the reason i'm taking my time to write this is because i actually care about the borrower. I want you all to succeed. thank you very much.



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