I want to partner up with someone who need a credit partner

Looking to expand my network I have a 780 perfect credit score. I would like to partner up with the right business minded entrepreneur. One thing I must say if it don't make dollars it definitely don't make Cents.  http://stlouisgroupbuild.com/

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I am looking for an equity partner. I'm interested in the motel industry. Need someone that has good credit willing to negotiate the terms or split the profits.
I have a great Opportunity and would like to Partner with you.Please contact me for more details.cwfservice@gmail.com
Hello Shawn I have found a business that is like to but but need a credit worthy partner. Contact me at 256-974-8919 so we can talk. This is a business that I have experience in.

WE have individuals in Chicago-land area that are looking to partner up with individuals like yourself for fix and flip project they have the money however their credit score is below Lenders requirement 

please let me know if this will be of interest to you you woill definitely make dollars


312.788.0584 or 312.972.3292


I need a credit Partner for chicago properties. Please contact me asap.



I am in need of a financial partner!

Please contact me as soon as you can so we can begin the process of building a profitable business relationship.

All the best,

Cullen Dillard



Kearsedge Boston is looking for a credit partner.

How should I contact you?

Hi Shawn,

What would your fee be for a small transaction of $350K to $400,000 refinance or home equity on a residential two family with 4 units income?

You can answer me on my email:   ollorachjc@gmail.com




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