I recently secured a contract from a publisher and i am going to be published late this year and early next year and i would like to secure funding to help with advertising and generate buzz for my book.

I am planning on it becoming a franchise and possibly to be picked up into being a movie a few years from now.

I know there will be a great need for entertainment since everyone is at home. There can be a deal worked out between percentage of sales. to hear more about my project please contact me to discuss.

The novel entitled GUNSLINGERS is fully completed and is currently under contract with a publisher in addition i have several more books and comic books in the works as well. i am certain that all of my works will generate sales now that at home entertainment will be in high demand.

Let's face it Real estate is tanking at the moment and there are nothing but scams on here. but i know there are at least 1 or 2 real investors who might be interested in investing in other avenues such as entertainment. anyone interested let me know

thank you very much for your time


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Please visit USA ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation for your related funding application directly :



David Lee


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