Our identification was compromised and our credit has been damaged.  I have some very good deals on commercial properties both in the US and abroad.   If you can help us get deals done ((to the closing table) I really would like to work with you.  If you are not able to help us please don't respond as I don't want to wast your time or you wast ours.  I have multi-million dollars deals at 50% discount and good cashflow.  

Looking forward to hearing from you


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please email me your scenario, and i will direct you from there. 

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Hello Daniel

Thank you for responding to our request for funding on the real estate finance site.  My name is Frank Lawson and I own a growing hotel investment firm located in Maryland.  Over the past three years we have been in a financial bind due to being taken by very sophisticated scam artist.  We have been working with the FBI to bring these people to justice.  It was not only our credit that was damaged but our Identification was also compromised and we are still trying to repair all the damage that was done. 

I have the FBI information to verify everything if you so need it.   With all this said I want to be upfront with everything that has happened so that you are aware of what it will take to assist us and what we are doing to fix our situation and rebuild both credit and reputation. 

Presently we are searching for operational hotels with good equity and strong cash flow.  We have a very strong hotel in India with 50% equity appraised last year at 40m and we have the contract at 23m.  We also have two resorts in Greece with the same structure and working with International banks.  We are working on securing a 144 bond to raise up to 100m which will give us needed funds to close these and pursue other deals.

We are in need of funding assistance for short term lending which will allow us to complete these transactions as well as move forward with the others while we conclude the 144 bond.  We are looking for assistance on an ongoing basis to continue our recovery and growth in a improving tourism industry.




Thank you

Frank Lawson


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