I Have A HARD MONEY Lender On Properties That Are To Be Rehabbed!

Rehab Financing has many different names and is also known as private money, bridge lending, construction loans and sometimes hard money loans.

The goal of a rehab loan is to provide access to acquire and repair distressed property.

Since we can provide the ability to fund a transaction in less than 48 hours you can be assured that no investment opportunity passes you by.

Also offering Purchasing Loans and Refinancing Loans


Craig Speck
Direct Clients/Lenders Rep

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Why use Hard Money when banks are more than willing to finance the purchase and rehab of distressed properties and allow for flipping for investors at conforming bank rates. Yes the process may take a little longer depending on the scope of the rehab but the ROI make it the preferred option for true real estate investors. No HUD Consultant. 660 MidScore. 80% LTV on after improved value. Commitment Letter 7 to 10 days from Financials. 30% Hard Draw at closing. Start Marketing at closing...


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