Acquistion on vehicle included retailbuilding and lease contract
Total requested amount USD 4,8 M

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Please send me a executive summary of your project to

or call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541


Please email me more details at:

Thank you

Glad to finance this project-I am going to email you directly.  As a company, we successfully 

financed approximately $2 Billion in financing in 2013.  Please feel free to call or email 

me any time-my contact details are in the email I sent you.

Simcha Edward Margolis

Simcha Edward Margolis

Thank´s for reply

Send me your email please for more info.

Best regards
Magnus Bergstrom


Please send me the details on your deal.  I may be able to help.  My email is

Magnus where is this deal located?

It's not clear what this deal consists of and what you want to accomplish in the transaction. Please share more.


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