I am currently working on 3 projects.  I need funding.  ALL land is owned in New Jersey.


1.  18 townhome development:  $5M.   All site approvals in place.


2.  3 single family new development project:  $500K


Have builder and home manufacturer already.  


3.  I have also been offered a seat at the table in a major urban area to build on their 300-400 vacant lots for low income families.  I am now looking for a partner in funding.  They believe this is a 5-7 year deal.  If this is doable, there are other townships who will be very interested in this concept.  I need to do #1 and 2 as proof. 


The loan for my 2 projects will need to asset based.  My credit has taken a dip (600) due to high DTI.


This is a win-win-win scenario as they will buy the houses at market rate and sell.  


If any of this is possible, please advise.  Thanks, Paul

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Did you rec funding? sabbathenterprise@gmail.com

no... too many gamers.


Hi Paul, would like to talk to you our Direct Lenders my have a loan program to fit your needs. Please email me and or call my cell # thank you Jack.

Jack Taromino

 Business Development Specialist

 Oxford Capital

 The Powers Building

 16 West Main St., Suite 231

 Rochester, New York 14614

 E-mail jtaromino@oxfordcapitalmortgage.com


 Office- 888-863-2375

 Cell # -585-286-8720

Hi Paul, is the deal in New Jersey in East Orange, NJ ? please let me know my manager is asking?

Bridgeton, NJ

We are working with several downtown development projects.Like to see if we can help.



Jim Flynn


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