Funding Platform for Commercial Real Estate, Global Mining, Energy, Precious Metals and Nature Gas Resources Projects

Prime Example LLC is setup and direct with a Private Equity Firm, which is a privately held company specializing in innovative and capital driven solutions for today's changing market. We are aggressively seeking to place capital with accretive and actionable business projects. Our focus is to fill the vacuum left by conventional lenders in untapped markets by providing funding solutions to meet all types of Global Mining, Precious Medals, Energy and Natural Gas Resources as well as Commercial Real Estate, Corporation Businesses, Equipment Leasing, Start up Business Projects. We have the largest portfolio of private lending institutions, investment banks, charter banks, and institutional lending pools as well as investor backed funding sources available. Please visit us at

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Hello Sharron,

I came across your post and is interested in establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

I am currently looking for capital in the form of equity funding to cover related expenses in setting up an equities trading office. I've made contact with a proprietary trading firm who will provide the software and portfolio from which trades can be executed.

All related information can be found via the provided link, do let me know if this is something your company is interested in.

Thank You and I look forward to a favourable response.


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