Funding Needed For Licensed Luxury Residential Project of 4 Villas.

I have a unique fully licensed project set in a front line position within a natural park overlooking City.

The project is in a location where there is virtually no property on the market as demand outweighs supply on top end property. I need a JV partner or straight loan of 1.2 million euros.  Secured against valuation of 2.1 Million Euros. The project has the added credibility of being SIPP approved from the UK as this remains an option for funding although the desire is to fund or partner directly.

The project is the first European design from the multi award winning design architect Sanjay Puri who has won over 30 global awards for his designs in Dubai. India, China, Singapore and beyond.

Contact me direct for details. 

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I'm a strategic referral partner with NYC Commercial Funding Conduit which provides recourse and non-recourse commercial funding from 100k to no upper limit. 


My role is to send out loan worksheets which need to be completely and accurately filled out by borrowers and get these to the NYC analyst team for a full funding proposal. When the worksheet is returned we then send out a preliminary funding offer. If it is satisfactory we prepare our final, and official, funding offer which will include instructions as to how to wire us a fully refundable $2,500 - $5,000 retainer fee. 


Notice how the borrower pays nothing until after they get the funding offer they like. 



Kindest Regards;


James W. Peterson



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i can help emailme

Steve Please contact me with details on this project. 

We have many sources who can make this project happen

Thank You

Don lango Sr


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