Funding for Rehabs WANTED(Cleveland, Orlando, San Francisco)

We are looking to gain access to funding for wholesale deals that require taking title and rehab deals.We are also looking to gain access to larger funding for builder projects. Contact me ASAP.Thanks a mill.

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If you are looking for a straight forward no 'black box' required non-owner occupied residential loan or asset based commercial loans, I work with lenders that can either go as low as 500 Fico or straight asset based. We can do Acquisition & Renovation and Cash-out Refinance. No upfront fees. I've been working in real estate, lending and venture capital for 13 years. I have helped finance over $40mm in real estate.


RESIDENTIAL terms range depending on property, location and borrower:
-Residential Asset based to non-prime lending w/min of 500 Fico
-65%-75% LTV
-Acquisition/Renovation 4-6 months
-Cash-out Refi 3yr
-10% - 12% rate

- 65% LTV on cash flowing properties (exceptions for great deals).
- 60% LTV on all non cash-flowing properties (raw land may be an exception).
- Min. loan amount $1.5 M, max. loan amount $10 M.
- Terms range from 3 months to 18 months with extension available.
- Can fund with-in a 7 to 14 day period.
- Purchases, refinances, construction, rehab, cash-out, etc
- Asset based

To get specific terms go to our website and fill out a Loan Summary Sheet.

or email me


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