one of my former residential loan offices had a client call me that we had arranged financing for many times back in the day.....he had a number of small business operations and want to buy a new commercial condo(warehouse) sales price $584,000 with 10% down ,,,,anybody know of this type of money....if not what is the minimum down?  I would be acting as broker

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Attached is information application on a small balance loan program that offer 80% LTV funding with 20% down.

Should you have questions please contact me.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services




If it is an operating business that is buying the warehouse, why don't you just get an SBA loan?

Rich Coppage
DerCam Capital Advisors, LLC

O: 480.389.3988 | C: 480.215.9909  |

We can do this funding if you are still interested in funding. 

You can contact us @

Looking forward to work with you. 



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