Attn: Real Estate Investors,

Our company specializes in commercial and residential private lending up to 100% financing  with JV.

Private/Hard money/ up to 100% financing/ POF/ Personal & Business Credit/ Gap Funding/ Earnest money deposit.

Need more information...

Gabriel Trujillo


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     My name is Art and I’m looking for funding to purchase 62 single family homes in GA.  The agreed to price is $3 million which is approx. $48,387 per property.  55 of the properties are currently rented out(no section 8) and bringing in just under $36k per month.  I want to purchase these properties and offer the tenants who can qualify an opportunity to purchase them from me.  If a tenant doesn’t qualify I will honor existing leases, however the objective is to sell them ALL and pay-off the loan.  The remaining properties after the loan has been paid off will be leveraged to do this process all over again.  If this is something you would lend on, I need your contact information so we can discuss this further.  I look forward to hearing back from you.  Thanks


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