It seems to me the financial world has successfully constructed a wall that a newly formed company has to figure out how to get over. I understand that certain assurences are needed and a company has to be accountable. However if this country ever expects to dig itself out of this economic mess it has gotten itself into we as a people a people of the government because we are the governing body has got to say once and for all WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. The restrictions placed on new business and all the other requirements have put a complete hault to the rejuvination of or economy.I truly beleive that we have lost faith in one another and it is time we wake up to realize that truly all we have is one another. I am voicing my frustration because I just do not understand how we can be so hard on each other why can we not find a way to make it work for all. Instead of putting up roadblocks we need to invest in US again that is U.S. OF A meaning U.S. OF ALL.

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