From the owner of The Real Estate Finance Website - Please Read!

Just a little heads up to all members... You are all aware of scams, fake brokers, fake lenders, and those looking for huge upfront fees without providing funding. RAGUSA CAPITAL is not a real funding source. If anyone sees a post from Ragusa Capital, please let me know and I will ban the posting member from this site.


Please do your own due diligence on any "lenders" claiming to provide funding in the following countries:


Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia, Great Britain, Malaysia, SIngapore.


That does not mean there are not real lenders in these countries, only that there are more scams than actual funders. As site owner it is my job to look out for you, our members, in your search for funding. If you are from one of these countries, I mean nothing against you, just that your country is a hotbed for scams and dishonesty. Take that as you must.


Don't send me dozens of messages about supposed scams unless you are 100% certain that you are correct. If that is the case, however, please let me know.


It is my goal, as this site gets big, to help you all by looking out for fraud.


Thank you so much for using The Real Estate Finance Website. This is a place where the owner actually cares about you and your funding experience here.



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Thank you Troy for that.


Dave Joseph - PNG

maybe you picked up all my posts earlier concerning a poster named Mark Luke,,,I went to a Evergreen Home Loan office in my area.... I asked concerning that person ,,, the office manager called the home office in Bellevue Wa. while I waited. They knew of no one by that name .... if you google search the phone number posted you will see a lot of wrong info,, shall we say.. there initial questionnaire was very suspicious , so I went and asked


he wanted me to pay him (Mark Luke) USD800 first before the Loan will will be TT through my account, what a joke. The minute I heard the voice and the Accent, I knew straigh away, please whoever thia Mark Luke, get real man!

yes, and several times i called, i got different voices, the first one sounded native english speaking, then they were different voices

Honestly, this site appears to be a large broker site.  There are direct lenders under the lenders tab, but overall everyone else appears to be a broker.

Thank you Admin, There are heaps of em out there so just be carefull. I am sick of them too. Time wasters.

Thank you,


Dubbau, am with you on this. There are a few very honest Investors or lenders out there but we keep on having bludgers or scammers on this site who spoil everthing for all. Please can they do something worthwhile rather than picking on the vulnerables

Hi Dubau, sorry about my wordings, sorry if I have offended any member of this site. I know you all will understand me as  I have lost a fair bit of money on these sorts of scam. Anyway hope this site will be more vigilant about these activities.

Thank you for the Update and thank you for guiding your site off these hooligans. They just waste people time, that is all. We are hard working Small to Medium Entreprenuer out here who are working hard to get by but we keep on having Scammers like that, not good.


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