I have a borrower who is currently under contract to purchase a home here in Tacoma. 
The purchase price is $195,000 and she has an estimate of $46,000 in fix up. 
She is able to come to the table with $30,000 and our exit strategy is an immediate refinance.
In order for my company to close this loan with standard financing we would need to extend until June 15th however HUD will not let us extend beyond June 10th.
Is this a deal that you would be willing to take a look at?
Please let me know what you would like me to send over.
Our appraisal on the purchase is $195,000 and the ARV appraisal states value at $258,000 
the area the home is in comps at $400,000.
My borrower is a corrections officer and has a 720+ credit score. 
My co borrower works for the city of Seattle and has a 687 mid score. 
They are both well qualified and our DTI is approvable. I look forward to hearing from you.

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