We are private investor who specializes in business and financial assistance to individuals and companies. Our loan offer is in an interest rate of 3%. All types of loans, such as the purchase of Auto-mobile home ownership, taxes and clarification of local accounts, personal loans, etc. We also provide capital loans to individuals and companies, such as entrepreneurship, business. Loans are available in any currency trading floor and the country is no a barrier to our offer. Our new loan terms from 6 months to 25 years. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us by e-mail:dfs.diasecurity@wss-id.org

All procedures/ modalities will be forwarded to you immediately you respond to our advert.


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Dear Mr Krishna

Please can you advice on your Geographical preference and also send me your criteria and terms to lmazibuko@reignersbs.co.za


Lebohang Mazibuko

Please email me at rksc31@hotmail.com or call 845-300-8147. I need about $40-50,000 for 1-3 years.


518-357-3614  I AM LOOKING FOR COMMERCIAL FINANCING  $1,000,000.00


Need a hard money loan to purchase a property for humanitarian use.

Property address is 7919 Albin Ln Houston Texas 77071.

6 bedrooms 9 bathrooms 8,000+ sf, in ground pool and jacuzzi, 2 story property.

Purchase price is $350,000.

Rehab cost is $125,000.

Harris County Appraisal District has the property appraised at $706,000.

Zillow has the property appraised at $608,000.

Title work is already completed and closing documents have already been signed.

Propertry to be refinanced after repairs are completed.

Original private lender backed out on the day of closing.

Need funding ASAP.

Victor Gresham

(832) 849-8266



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