I’m an experienced and certified real estate investor seeking funding for significantly discount multifamily residents in Hillsborough County Florida.  I have a strong and solid well established team aiding me in the successful facilitation and acquisition of these assets.  Please visit us at www.ProverbsMultifamily.com for company information.  Please also click on the “Contact Us” tab on our website and enter the words “PPP requested” in the comments area of our contact form and we will reply with a power point presentation detailing our opportunity, business model and qualifications.

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We would certainly be happy to review any deals you have that meet our minimum of $500,000. I would also like to let you know we are actively buying wholesale deals where the property has an ARV over $350,000 and no max. We are not looking for double dippers but will split the net to TNJ 50:50. If you are interested and have a property that you feel meets this criteria send it to us to review and we will tell you what we think.

Therin Hill, MBA


my name is don estill i have many lenders . that do all kinds of loans across the 50 states i have been in this buss for over 20 years. and i help many  people get commercial  loans. i have over 500 lender's that have very deep pockets .  $500.000  to over a bll.  if it makes sence it can be done. so if you have a loan you can't get funded. e mail your package or send me your e mail and i will send you  my ex summary.   estilldon@gmail.com   if i can't do it no one can.  i most off the time i can give you a yes or no  in  no more than 3 days. and my lenders close very fast. so if you are realy serious  re spond  if not don't waist my time.   DON ESTILL

Mr Rodriguez

If you haven't secured financing for this project. I  would be happy to review the project or any other project P.M maybe working. Please contact me @

Stephen Mitchell

AMCKA Property Investments, LLC

512-489-4443 ext 10


I have investors that may be interested. Please forward your executive summary to morinelewis@gmail.com


Hi Ben

Contct me if you think the info below could help you

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

100% Startup Financing


I refer clients to a firm that offers unsecured business lines of credit for any reason.
The credit requirements are stringent.  However if a client or a guarantor on behalf of the client meets the requirements, initial financing would be in place within 2 weeks of application. 

There are no up front fees.


I refer those who may qualify to my colleagues to complete the transactions.
There really isn't an application per se.  After our initial conversation I usually send the client to the web site below so they can get a snapshot of their credit and scores which they send to me for analysis.


This site offers a 1 dollar trial for 9 days. It’s the least expensive option to get all 3 scores with reports. We use Credit Check Total because it is run by Experian which is one of the 3 big credit reporting agencies. Just download the reports and scores in PDF format or email me the username and password you set up so I can access the site to confirm the details.


Another important detail:  Because the client is pulling his or her own credit it’s treated as a “soft” pull. If I as a mortgage professional pull credit it’s a hard pull, lowers the score a little and puts an “inquiry” in the report. Too many inquiries is a bad thing on any credit report.


Once this is accomplished we help the client fill out a questionnaire that is the basis of the applications that are sent to the various lenders for approval. 

Our program usually starts at 50K. If the credit is really good 100K in the first round is possible.  If the total desired amount is 300K for example, we simply “rinse and repeat” until the total is reached.

I was a client and opened multiple lines of credit before I started referring prospects to this program so I know first hand that this method of financing is very real. Feel free to call or email for any additional help or info.

Call Today

Ray Antonelli; Credit Expert;  Ray100@gmail.com

Celebrating 15 years of loan origination**** Connect on Linkedin

216 337 7520 Cell ** 440 461 6760 Office ** 877 870 4720 Fax



I am sorry. I ask the loan

I beg you. Help. The father in resuscitation. Operation is necessary. A brain tumour.

The help is necessary. I ask about the help.

I ask help 20 thousand dollars for one month. Pledge my apartment. Under percent.

I the fair person.

I BEG YOU. FOR GOD'S SAKE. Help. I will return. I swear.

Help I ask.

I will return at once with percent.

I wait.

Kostylev Alexander.

Kostylev Alexander.
Russia. 660,062. Krasnoyarsk.
Street Visotnay 2. str 1. room 418.
Email: alekskkost5@yahoo.com
My private phone no: +79631818912
My private fax no: +7 (391) 2478387
Occupation: Adviser.
Age: 34 year
Sex: Male.
Skype; Alekskkost5


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