Quite often in today’s market, straight debt funding may not be an option. If that is the case, you may have to consider equity financing or a combination of both debt and equity financing. You can receive help deciding which option is right for you. There is equity funding available for good projects. About 40% of all our projects today are equity based. Let us help you obtain the capital you need. $250k up to $500M available; Low Due Diligence Costs. PRINCIPALS of the US ONLY; We are direct to the Funding Source...contact me at twilliams1986@live.com

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My name is Frank Lawson, I own L&L Enterprises Inc, a real estate investment firm in Maryland.  We have a 382 unit apartment complex located in Tennessee that we need funding for.  The property is being rehabbed and is nearly completed, at present the property is about 55-60% of occupancy and increasing weekly.  We just lost our lender for the project and are in need of a new lender that has the capacity to close quickly with no upfront fees.  We have twice put up money for lending and have lost both the money and the so called funding.  If you require upfront lending we cannot use you because there is none available.  If you can take your fee from the proceeds of the funding then we would like to talk with you.  We are already in escrow and need to close this deal before the 30th.  We have a contract on the property at 4.15m, the appraisal on the property is at 6.5m and estimated to be at 7 to 8m on completion of the rehab and increased occupancy.  The rehab is moving along and will be completed by the end of the year, at present the property is doing better than 45k a month cashflow and we have the full details of what you will need to make a quick decision.  Time is of the essence on this because of the lender disappearing on us. 


If you are able to help with this project please send a email to us and we will respond with a phone call.  The email is l.and.lenterprisesinc@gmail.com  We have other projects waiting to get started once this is closed.  Every property has good equity and cashflow .

Thank you



Need a hard money loan to purchase a property for humanitarian use.

Property address is 7919 Albin Ln Houston Texas 77071.

6 bedrooms 9 bathrooms 8,000+ sf, in ground pool and jacuzzi, 2 story property.

Purchase price is $350,000.

Rehab cost is $125,000.

Harris County Appraisal District has the property appraised at $706,000.

Zillow has the property appraised at $608,000.

Title work is already completed and closing documents have already been signed.

Propertry to be refinanced after repairs are completed.

Original private lender backed out on the day of closing.

Need funding ASAP.

Victor Gresham

(832) 849-8266



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