We are looking for a truly equity based lender that doesn't require money down if there is enough equity in the building or residential property, or if the property is producing enough income.

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Attached is a summary of my firm's offerings.  Please reach out to me if our loan programs are a fit for your situation - my contact information is in the summary.  We look at equity differently than most lenders and often fund deals with little or no additional cash at closing.





Please find attached a funding program for your review.


Arnold Walker




Hard Money Mike 443-838-9563

up to 80% Investment, 65% cashout, 85% Commercial

Ft. Myers FL. Since 1971. fishermike50@gmail


What are the length of the loans?

Do you have 25 - 30 year terms?

What are the length of the loans?

Do you have 25 - 30 year terms?

Construction Loans available

13% Interest and 4 points ( Closing costs required of borrower)

80% of purchase
9 Month Term 
100% of rehab/ construction
Max loan amount on this program is 2MM
Client's credit doesn't matter
California, Arizona,Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, SC, NJ ,Ohio, Texas, Florida, NJ, and Illinois 
For this construction loan program
This is very simple
Great for builders and rehabbers
Just need one sheet to review
877-570-5594 Arden 

or email ag29577@gmail.com

Hello Seven,

This is a 100% commercial funding structure for viable property owners and renewable energy projects, 25 year acquisition financing or lease at 5.9% with 3 points. We provide a 48 – 72Hrs acknowledgement to accept your project, and funding take 30 to 45 days after all documents are received. Just to give you an idea what this means for your commercial transaction. Let’s take a project in which you own the property and use .00638 as your payment factor to arrive at your monthly payment. If you are considering an energy project, in most cases your payment after all Federal incentives is less than half of your current utility bill. In most cases this is offered at 100% financing.

The program can be used for all Commercial transaction plus Non Profit entities if the project or property is owned with or without an existing mortgage. We will accept cross collateral properties structuring for securitization of the allocated commercial funds.


We are private equity & venture capital investment company who are ready to fund projects in the form of debt finance.

Do you need a loan to Enhance your business? Loan to Consolidate your Debt? Loan for personal uses? Loan for credit Card? Mortgage Loan? We are the solution to your financial problem. We grant loan to both cooperate and private entities at a low interest rate. The terms are very flexible and interesting.

Kindly revert back if you have projects that needs funding for further discussion and negotiation.

Best Regards,
Richard Max.
(872) 225-2819
Address: 4625 Sherland  Rd,Mountain View,
CA 94043, USA.


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