Earnest Money Deposit Funds for Multifamily Acquisitions

We have a unique program for multifamily investors that provide them access to funds to be used for earnest money deposits for the purchase of multifamily properties. This program is not for everyone so check out this short video to give you an idea as to how it works and if it can work for you. go to http://earnestmoney.zreply.com.


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I would like to sign up.

I have a multi family home in Somerville in need of earnest money.

Look forward to working with you.



617 319 4054

Charles  commercial mortgage broker nj and licensed realtor have national reo package these are multi million dollar properties. Requirements principles only, proof of funds, 650 score minimum, signed ncnd.  Attached please find mybrochure and program guide. andraethelendingsource@gmail.com 9733331327  Andrae Cook


Hi Earnest Money is all I need. Your video site is down as of this writing

I am a Real Estate Wholesaler. Need only a small amount of money to start a RE Empire. Starting
in Columbus OH Expanding to 5 to 10 cities. As many as it takes to cherry pick the best deals
from each city, for resale. Need money only for option money deposits (I000 to 5000) and closing
cost for simpe deals (assingment of contract) $400.00 each. Can pay a percentage of profit of
each deal, paid direct from Closing Attorney. Not a newbie, have done 29 deals in Buffalo, NY..
Title Company Reference available. Probate specialist and have access to massive data base of
cash buyers nation wide. Name your terms Sir

Mike Hepburn


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