** Good News: Our Private Equity Investment Funds Groups Are Still Approving and Funding Deals!! **

Many lenders are wrapping up and shutting things down, but we have several BIG Investment Funds with many Billions to disburse to fund your capital requirements.

There are 2 types of deals that our PEI Funds are looking to fund right now.

1st Type - Deals which are feasible and require an Approval and/or Funding Promptly.

2nd Type - Deals which have a "vision" for 2020.

The Explanation of ''Vision Deals'' for 2020:

Our Private Equity Investments Funds are currently hot and heavy with funding Lines of Credit between USD$1Million to USD$50Million+ into escrow accounts for our clients. (Higher amounts are per LOC possible where required.)

These LOC funds are being made available in as quickly as 10 business days for Real Estate Acquisitions and Project Financing, Import/Export Transactions, Alternative Energy Project Financing, etc..

Primary Requirements/Qualifications for a USD$1Million to USD$50Million+ Line of Credit:

1). The client must have prior, successful investment experience.
2). A comprehensive Intended Use of Funds must be provided.
(Naturally, each proposed investment must show feasibility.)

Email me @ and let's
discuss things.

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Do you do loans in the Caribbean?  If so what are the specifics on the loan?

Yes we me at and let's discuss your project. 


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