Loans from $5000.00 to $500,000,000.00
Loans available for any purpose
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We wire loans to approved Clients via

1-Western Union
2-Money Gram
3-Bank Certified Check
4-Bank to Bank transfer
5-Online Banking.

You can contact us at

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I have just had a horrific experience with Mr Lasedi Kopano, through Home Link Financial Service, who approved a personal loan easily (I, like Kevin Rizzo, got a blank loan agreement to fill in) and then required the funds be released via Northern Ice International Bank, where a loan account would be opened to make repayments into.

Do not believe they will release funds directly to your bank account or send a money order, Western Union payment; you, like I was, will probably have to open a loan repayment account at the bank of Mr Kopano's choosing - Northern Ice International, or any of about 3 other affiliated banks.

After delays and errors, I finally thought I got to the stage of fund release. NO, not at all!!

The Bank claimed there was a requirement by HM Treasury for me to pay 10% of Loan Funds as a fee to release my loan funds internationally.

Neither Lasedi Kopano or Francis Dabson (Northern Ice International Bank), provided any official notifications to confirm payment of fees was required and despite my reading both the Money Laundering Act and Regulations and finding no requirement for either fees or 'anti terrorism certificate'; they both insist I am both misguided and wrong!!

This is not the case - there is no fee payable and there is no certificate; there is only a requirement for lenders/bank/credit providers to perform specific identity checks, keep accurate records and report suspect transactions.

I believe this may be an attempted fees for funds scam - pay fee after fee until you eventully get your funds, if you are lucky.

Did I get my funds? No, I walked away before it cost too much.

Now, I am off to report my experience to Companies House and the British Police plus the FBI in the United States, for possible further action.

You are wrong about all this, because i received my loan from this company you criticize or are you a fellow lender who is trying to promote your business in your own selfish way because of competition...

Cynthia Lam

Id like to know more about your programs.

My email is

Thanks a mill.


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