Are you a Hard Money Lender? Please list your contact information here along with any information this website should know about the types of funding you offer.


Thank you!


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Lets talk 313-777-1765



Do you need financing for trucks, Trailers, Rvs and Campers? We can be able to help out as we are America's fastest growing finance company based out of Nevada. We offer loans across USA for business Startup and truckers to become owner operators or add more trucks to their business.

We have well structured lending program that covers clients bad credit scores and those that do not meet up with the conventional lending requirements of banks and other financial institutions.

For more info on the loan process Pm me or:

Call/Text: (213) 616-3118

"Best regards"

Xavier Saavedra

PH : (714)655-6106      24/7

Val-Chris Investments - Your Private Money Experts Since 1975!

nmls#333608 BRE#01304438              2601 Main St Suite 400 Irvine Ca 92614

We have private money for real estate and working capital programs for businesses. 

Real estate includes purchase, rehab and cash out refi. Programs in most state but with a focus on California, Arizona and Nevada.

Business working capital programs are nationwide. We are able to work with developers, contractors/construction/home development as well as other small and medium sized businesses.

April Fletcher

Call/text:  562.543.2535


Hello April I have funding for a project but due to tie restrants I have fees to close by the end of the month I will send you the comittment contract if you need.  I am in need of 29,000 to speed up the closing.  Can you help also I have a 12 unit in Puerto Rico with restaurant.  The restaurant is not operating but the 12 units are cashflowing about 125K yearly.  Can you assist with the loan

Happy New Years All!
We are Provident Dedicated Services and do hard money lending (rates start at 7.5% to 8.5%) on most products. We have a team with experience in the mortgage business for over 15 years. We started last year and funded well over $100 million in loans, so come join us or if you have a question, let us know. Also, no upfront fees or junk fees, only an appraisal fee!

We offer No Doc loans on SFR, Condos, 1-4, Mixed Use, Retail and Office.

Programs we offer-
from $1m to $20m. (Major Metropolitan areas only)
Max LTV 65% and must be current on all mortgages.

No Income Proof Needed
LTV’s up to 75%
12-month term available case by case
No Prepayment Penalties
Loan amounts up to $2,000,000.
Flipper must show ability to complete rehab.
FICO’s down to 500 – OK

No Income Proof Needed
All Loans are N.I.V
No Income Stated on 1003
No DTI Ratios
No DSCR calculated on residential properties
Rates as low as 6.99%
LTV up to 80%
Loan Amounts from $50,000 – $15,000,000
Lending to LLC’s, S-Corp, Trust or Individuals.
Property Types Include: SFR, Condo, Condotels, 2-4 Units, Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail
Interest Only Option Available
Foreign Nationals – OK
100% Gift Funds – OK
Properties with Deferred Maintenance
Rural Properties
Short Term and Long Term Bridge Options are Available
No source & seasoning of down payment options
Up to 1 point rebate

If you have a question or scenario please let us know at and we'll get back to you the same day.
877-737-2388 ext 704

Essentially WBL is a hybrid between an unsecured commercial lender and hard money real estate lender

World Business Lenders is a direct lender offering RE-secured short term bridge loans from 4 to 36 months. We are one of the few lenders in the country that can go 2nd 3rd 4th position on any property type Residential Commercial, Industrial Land (required to be in first position) . If there is equity in the property and a viable business we are likely to make an offer.

We Lend nationally and have no credit score !! 

Borrowers with additional net equity in their property(s) who need more capital are ideal  for our programs, ass we can take any position behind a first or second mortgage. -up to 70% CLTV on Residential properties(Primary homes included), 65% CLTV Commercial properties and up to 50% LTV on Raw Land (first position only)

*We do not require borrowers to pay off their low rate first position mortgages or HELOC's.

*We’re able to piggy-back conservative LTV loans.


  • We take on credit challenged borrowers
  • We take any position on any property type, except for Land (1st position only)
  • We have very minimal upfront docs; Application, REO and Bank Statements
  • No required due diligence fee or upfront points
  • Low upfront third-party deposits ($590 for residential and $1,565 for commercial / industrial) – Specialty & 20 acre + properties may require more / appraisal
  • Very flexible credit box & pricing – underwritten manually
  • Quick turn-around (5 – 15 business days depending on property type & complexity)


You will find it beneficial to have us in your back pocket for those difficult, out of the ordinary files and files you simply just don’t want on your books.


What sets us apart are our niche programs that allow borrowers to tap into collateral and equity that is otherwise inaccessible due factors such as, senior liens/judgments, credit profile, property type; including Land, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Farms, Childcare, Restaurants, Owner Occupied Homes, Fix & Flips, Purchase Transactions, etc.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly. I look forward to developing a partnership with your company.


Phyllis Manna 212-328-8386 
Analyst, Account Representative

World Business Lenders
WBL California, LLC, a Licensed California Finance Lender and Broker


101 Hudson St, 33rd Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Direct: (212) 328-8386
(646) 880-8165



           I have a deal in New York that I'm looking to get funded. I need rehab funds-$150k-on a 9642 sq ft mixed use property (I already own the property). I got it at an auction price (from a foreclosure situation) so to speak-I paid $12k (ARV is $200-$250k+). It has 9 apts.-ranging from efficiency to 3 bedroom-and a commercial space on first  floor with dining room, dining/dance area with stage, 2 "bar" areas-one with large gathering area, 4 bathrooms, office, kitchen, 2 storage areas, and entry area leading to 2 upper floors of apts.                               

          It needs electrical and plumbing overhaul, and a decent amount of aesthetic repair and upgrades. I have already had an inspector go through to give us more of a specific idea as to the scope and necessities required according to law, code and such, and contractors are almost done with the SOW. I don't know if I would be able to do a refinance-type loan on the ARV, or if it would have to be straight rehab?                                                                                                                                                Needs to be a stated, asset-based deal, as the revenue from the property after rehab (DSCR) would be the main consideration as well as the ARV.  I am trying to connect with a lender that will wrap as much into the loan as possible even if it means an extra point or slightly higher interest initially to be able to have as little needed as possible at closing since funds are getting tight at this point due to delays. MIGHT even consider short term equity deal of profit percentage.

         I have good credit-no negs-and a 700 score (was higher until recently-had to purchase a vehicle). Once rehab is done, immediate revenue will be $6300 per month from apts., and within an additional 1-3 months or so that figure will jump to approximately $15k+ per month. 

Hello Ruth, 

we can get this done and we do 100% fix and flip properties up to $2 million.  Call us at 1-877-375-0388 or email at


Are these loans Nationwide?

Hi, I am looking for fund urgently for a commercial property I won on auction.

It is under contract already and I need to come up with the funds asap. Kindly contact me if you can provide the required funds.

Thank you.



Our loan programs ranges from Real Estate Investment loans
including long term and short term loans for fix and flip projects,
buy and hold, commercial properties etc.
Our Business loan program is design to help start-ups,
grow your business, expand and asset purchases.
Need a Personal loan? Feel free to contact us.
Our rates are unbeatable, friendly, and processes are very swift and
time sensitive!
If you are a Broker no problem.
Whatsapps number: +1 (631) 857 8495
E-mail address:


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