Developers we can help
Looking for projects that are shovel ready. Are all permits in place. You must have %20 capital or more for us to help.Is your project national or international.Must be over $3,000,000.
We have several programs to choose from ,depending on amount and type of project. After signing contract it takes 45-90 days to close.
We do not charge up front fees.
If we can help please let me know

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Hello Jim..

With your Lender and my Private Group that can provide the 20% needed for Borrowers that don't have it, we both can benefit from this "marriage"..

All those deals that lack the 20% needed by your Lending Source, can now get their funding.

Our source wants to Partner with these types of Project’s Principals by providing sufficient Collateral/Guarantees, as well as any Closing Points, etc, to satisfy a Lender’s or Bank’s demands, and in exchange, obtain a substantial Equity position on the project.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss further.

German Chavez
Financial Consultant
San Diego, CA.
Office: (619)487-9180
Mobile: (619)818-8349
Skype ID: BigDeals07

will call you later today to go over your program,the problem with the %20 the client can walk away if they want


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