Construction Projects: Joint Venture and Equity Participation

The fund managers are seeking borrowers with viable construction projects who have experienced difficulty in obtaining the financing via conventional channels. The process is extremely streamlined and efficient - with minimal third party costs and lender admin fees.

New Construction Projects:

  • 3.25% during the construction period (max 2 years)
  • Converts to permanent loan at 3.89% for the remainder of the 5 year first term
  • Minimum $3M to maximum $75M with a max of 2 projects per sponsor
  • LTV 75% LTC without equity participation, max LTV advance 90% with 20% Equity Participation
  • USA, Caribbean, Europe, Great Britain and Canada

Equity Participation and Joint Venture Program Highlights:

  • All decisions made and funded internally
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • No hidden fees / Fast Closings
  • Currently, $310 million available for projects

Contact me for additional information: Principals and Sponsors Only.
Doug Braxton
Phone: 800 230-1424

Posted on 10-20-2015

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Mr. Braxton,

I just replied to your posting via your website's secure e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Rizzo


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