Commercial Real Estate & Residential Investment Hard Money Available Nationwide.

No upfront fees. $25,000 to $10 billion for commercial real estate. $10,000 to $500,000 for residential investment properties (1-4 units). All 50 States.

 New Construction to 70% LTV; Bridge Loans to 70% LTV.

 100% CLTV for both residential and commercial properties - 15% interest only for one year; 3-8 points. Nationwide. 

 Mobile Home Park loans - we have several great capital sources for those. 

 We also have a 10/100 program: $2 million minimum, borrower puts 10% ($200,000) into an escrow account that the borrower controls. Then you get 100% financing. The $200,000 is prepaid interest and you can earn 3% in the event your loan request is declined! 

  We also have connections to a capital source that will finance up to 80% LTV on notes: performing, sub-performing, and non-performing residential and commercial. 

  We work with a hedge fund in So. Cal that buys distressed properties and then sells back to the owners via a debt payoff (DPO). 

   AM Capital Source also can help you put together a business plan and assist you with finding and vetting lenders - these programs start from $650. 

   For more information, email us at:  

   Or visit us at: 

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Please send more information on your porgram dealing with residential purchases.  I am an investor buying and selling REO type properties in Central Florida.  I would like to discuss your program in more detail.  Thank you.


  Can you please send me a short or blank email to: I can send you more information. 

   Please be advised that I am not a licensed mortgage broker, which is needed for SFR/Residential properties so the only thing I can do is hard money loans - 1 to 5 year terms at 10 ~ 15% interest and/or interest only. 3 to 8 points, etc. My real strength and niche are in the commercial real estate arena and also small to medium sized businesses. 

   If you want to buy massive amounts of REO like pools, I have a lender that will lend on performing, non-performing and sub-performing SFR property pools but the minimum is $2 million and some cash infusion on the borrower will be required. 

   Thank you and all the best, 



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