Loan Program Highlights

  • Purchase                                                                  
  • Unlimited Cash Out Refinance
  • Bridge-Short/Long Term Financing
  • Seller Carry Backs Allowed
  • Loan Amount $100k-60Million
  • Up to 90% LTVE
  • Interest Rates As Low as 4% (Stated) 
  • We Qualify the Property Not Your Credit
  • SBA Loans, Portfolio and Private Money
  • Flexible Terms and Low Interest Rates
  • Brokers Welcomed
  • Closing in Less Than 14 Days
  • Fast Pre- Approvals
  • Loan under Corp/LLC/ Trust

For More Information feel Free to Contact

Dee Duncan 949-200-6080

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Please let me know if you can refinance a commercial multi use property located in Colorado. My loan is currently with Wells Fargo. I owe approximately $175,000   If we can do a loan for $200,000  What would the interest rate be and the monthly payment. Principal & Interest.

Thank you

Duane Brower

Mr. Bower,

I realized you're replying to a stated income loan posting, but who knows if this guy is real.  I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but off the cuff, I could do this loan easily with a few lenders we have in hand.  It's a small loan amount, but we'd look at it.  I can prove our closings, and we don't charge upfront fees.  Email me summary or I can shoot you over mine if you email me. 


Jared Rine

209 481 0514

Jared My loan program is legit and I do not appreciate you coming on my thread questioning my professionalism and soliciting clients based on unfounded skepticism. For your information as a protocol I do not reply to my clients on public threads. Have some respect and please stay off my page and postings.


Please call me if you can fund me on my commercial property in cleveland Ohio, which I own free and clear i need 150 to 200 thousand , i have 13 parcels and can use some for funding the rehab of others, these properties are all mixed uses from storefronts to garages and a hall for rent and small churches. Some are rented and others need rehab a little, I want to owner occupy some for retail sales. Please let me know if you can do this financing, I do not have my normal 800 score right now due to a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I did end up with my properties and need a loan to get everything straightened out. Thank you for posting this offer. I hope you can do this, based on the rent roll and value of the property. 216 267-9663 Gary grace


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