Welcome to Global Finance NV LLC,

We offer all kinds of loan with affordable interest rate ranging from 6% - 12% . We are able to fund domestic and international; our funding sources specialize in creative solutions to your financial problems. Notification to those in need of financial help and assistance, Global Finance NV LLC exists for the benefit of those in need of financial help within and outside the US. Our mission is to provide our esteemed clients with access to fairly priced financial services and encourage the development of good financial practice.

Perhaps you need a loan for the following

Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured) Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured)

Consolidation Loan Combination Loan

Investment/Business Expansion Purposes Debt Consolidation

Undergraduate Loans Graduate Loans

Medical Education Loans Legal Education Loans

A New Home Loan .

Contact us today:


11557 Snow Creek Avenue, Las Vegas NV 89135

(+1) 702 583 6851


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