We are looking for funding to further our first acquisitions growth. Our company does FDA regulated work for Pharmaceutical companies and currently we have projects coming in the door in the end of July beginning of August. We would like to find some short term bridge capital for new equipment expenses until the projects start. The partner with a investor for further acquisitions. We have on target now the following businesses.

  • A 700k purchase price for a Phase II,III site doing 3 Mill
  • A 750k Purchase price for a Phase II,III,IV site doing 3.5 Mill

We have connections all throughout the south to grow the company. Right now our focus has been on the Florida area and we plan to grow the company in untapped markets in the south. Florida is second in the country for research. Other states in the south do less than .02% research but have the patients and hospitals that would drive the business.

Our team is made of 2 Lawyers, CPA, Banker, MBA and a retired Marine. My CFO would be the main contact. Looking to discuss all forms of the deal. 

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Send me details of your project and full contact information to samcthomas45@gmail.com

please email over the summary with details on the source and use of funds. 

i will direct you from there. 

Thank You



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Please give me a call to discuss there are various methods to fund this type of deal.


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I can help you,  drop a message.


Hello Jamie,

I maybe able to help with the funding.

Send me:

1 - Brief overview of the business

2 - Description of financing you seek

3 - Contact information to principal(s) and or agent direct to principal(s).

Ana     thecashflowanswer@gmail.com

Email an executive summary of your deal to Multifamloans@gmail.com.

Email an executive summary of your deal to Multifamloans@gmail.com.

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