My name is Clara Andrews, i am from Chicago USA, I am a widow at the moment with three kids and i was stuck in a financial situation in June 2014 and i needed to refinance and pay my bills. I tried seeking loans from various loan firms both private and corporate and banks but never with success, and most banks declined my credit. But as God would have it, I was introduced to a man of God a private loan lender who gave me a loan of $100,000USD problem for my house's refitting.At first I did not believe but finally I got my loan without paying a lot of fees as request some person on the Internet or many financial and banking institutions I could get the loan that helped me to solve my problems. I just hand it to confirm that it is honest and reliable in the field of loan between particular.I wish that you will profit it as me. I got in contact with the Loan Firm on Wednesday last week and on Friday last week as well I receive an alert from my bank(Bank Of America ) that the fund was transferred into my bank account and today am a business owner and my kids are doing well at the moment, if you must contact any firm with reference to securing a loan without collateral , no credit check, no co signer with just 4% interest rate and better repayment plans and schedule,i especially want you can also take this opportunity to get your loan without any problem to adjust your various financial worries. So you who read me, you who need money to pay for your various problems, you who need money for your projects, you can directly contact me through my email for more explanations. He doesn’t know that am doing this but am so happy now and i decided to let people know more about him and also i want God to bless him more.I want everybody on this. I am just trying to help people out because i know how difficult it is to find a legitimate lender, it took me a long time and God finally brought me in contact with him, i too want you to benefit from this opportunity.
You can contact me through my email: { } 

Thanks and God bless you all and i pray you get what you are looking for by his grace. Amen

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I been fliping property for 15 years with 27 years in the reo rehab business for bank own homes . can you email me your requirement for funding

Thanks You

Kent Williams

Hello Clara,

Your written text rings a very familiar bell for me.

Do you have information on terms and conditions? 
If all fees are disbursed from proceeds and not from ‘up front’ fees
being sent to random people is cash, or unknown bank accounts
I would like to learn more.

Send me an email at, i would try my best to get you all the information you asked for because i know how hard it is to find a legitimate lender, i went through a lot before i met the man of God that  helped me with my loan funds so i will do everything in my power to help you secure your loan funds so you would not pass through all the pains and suffering i passed through. I pray to God that you will get what you are looking for..Take care and God bless

Hello Clara.

it is a wonderful thing had God can  work in a mysterious way. we should never doubt what faith and prayers can do.

it is a wonderful story to hear.

finding honest and fair funding is difficult. I would be interested in hearing more as a investor.

please email me  at



This is a SCAM!  Do NOT send this person ANYTHING!  It is a typically worded Nigerian SCAM with a boiler-plate, bad grammar script. I will be sending this post to the site administrator ASAP!

Hi Clara how can you assist in obtaining rehab loan for OO



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