Asset Back Lending: Minearals, Oil, Gas and Gold; Minereal Mining-

ASSET-BACKED LENDING: MINERALS AND OTHER IN-GROUND ASSETS - Oil, Gas and Gold and Mineral Mining - Worldwide Except Africa

What is it? If your company owns copper, gold, oil or other in-ground assets, we can provide asset-backed bond financing of $10 million to $250 million for such natural resources. In-ground assets need to be verified by a geological or other certified report, but can be located anywhere in the world except Africa. We can provide a 20% advance rate on the value of those assets to finance production.

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Good day Mam,

I am interested in this program do you have a phone number?

Hi. Happy New Year.

 I have a proven gold mine concession in ghana I want to work get operational, survey is already completed.  I am seeking funding.  Is there anyway your funding source would reconsider west africa? 


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