Are you looking for a 100% financing for your commercial loans?

Are you looking for a lender to take all the risk in the world to finance your project and you will have no risk at all? 

Well, aren't we all... Good luck with that. 

I am really tired of those who think the 100% financing is out there some where just waiting for them.. There is no such thing as 100% financing, if you have a lender that will lend 100%, then why are you still looking? Do you really think that lender will still have money to lend by now? 

Instead, email me your project and I will do what I can to get you the most money possible for your project, No 100% loans here, I can arrange for a 85% on purchases.. 70% on construction hard cost, Bridge loans with rate between 7-9% rate..

Come back to reality and try to understand that we do loans and not dream loans..

Email me at:

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Nicely done sir, thank you.


Thank you Dean,  I am just really tired of these lenders that keep on posting a 100% loans and then never deliver.. Or the borrowers that really do not understand the risk involved in 100% financing and thinks the lender should take all the risk and keep the borrowers from any risk and loss..It drives me crazy.

Thanks again.


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