I live in South Australia, and have the opportunity to purchase a nice well-kept home for myself after many years of renting, but as I am on the Australian Age Pension, it is extremely difficult for me to find someone to loan me the necessary funds to enable me to purchase the home, which is has been offered to me for Aust.$150,000 - well below any other similar property in my region of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. IF I can obtain the finance, monthly repayments would work out to approximately Half of what I now pay in rent.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Jenkins,

Port Vincent, S.A.


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Yes, are you still interested in getting finance ? Email me Rmf_martin@aol.com

Hey Jon, 

Is your deal still available for funding and if yes this is what i can make happen for you.

Below is my contact details on how best we can move forward with the processing. 

Agent Floyzell 

VRLending LLC 

(512) 761-8394 


Email: vrlendingllc.agent.floyzell@gmail.com

Martin Frank, & Floyzell Roach,- Sirs,- I am seeking a permanent home for myself,- NOT one to buy and and restore / resell,- Suggest you READ ALL of my original post, and not simply part of it,- ok.


Write me on my email address below so we could discuss more about the deal and how to go about the processing. 

Looking forward to hear from you. 

Email:  vrlendingllc.agent.floyzell@gmail.com 

Floyzell Roach,- Ok,- will do,-next. -- here is my email address for you;-


Sent email,- IF not received, can you reply via my above email, as i quite often misspell email addresses.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Jenkins


I just sent you an email now so reply me lets discuss more about the deal on how to start the processing at once. 

Agent Floyzell 

I seek a GENUINE Financier,- not someone who keeps on replying with BS answers to my questions, then tells me that there's " Advance Fees to pay,"' as that to me is a SCAM, and shall be treated accordingly,- oh yes there's a few on this site who won't do anything unless I send them money in the first place, which says heaps about certain,( so-called ), Financiers, and another site called, " Linked-in," is even worse for scammers.

* If you want my business,- treat me fair, and with zero BS, otherwise,- Goodbye.

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