I am actively seeking precious Metal Mines...Direct to buyer.


Properties must have proven and/or probable reserves of at least 100,000 troy ounces and acreage of at least 5,000 hectares.   Exceptions will be made for high grade ore deposits and/or large tracts with historical mining activities.   Both alluvial and hard rock deposits will be considered, as well as polymetallic properties (such as massive sulfide ore deposits)

First Stage Evaluation:


  Please submit a 1-2 page executive summary signed by the principal officer of the company

Second Stage Evaluation:


If we have interest in the executive summary, we will need to review the following documentation:


·         Credentials of the principals


·         a full set of maps (geochemical and rock assay results should be plotted on enlarged       topographical maps)                 


·         mining licenses


·         geology and mining engineering reports


·         financial projections


·         assays


·         drill logs 


·         reports and calculations of proven and probable reserves (including all assumptions)

·         production reports


·         photographs of current and previous activities


·         All risk, security, and access issues (including active or threatened litigation) must be disclosed


·         All submissions should include a table of contents with details carefully indexed

All documents will be accorded confidentiality, and will be utilized only for in house review and discussions with our funding sources.

Contact Sandra, smithbrown59@gmail.com

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Please send me your lending guidelines and procedures to smithbrown59@gmail.com


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