$58,000,000 (70% LTV) FUNDING REQUEST 

Senior Apartments Development Project in Georgia on 14 Acres

6 Acres approved for 150 senior apartment units

4.25 Acres approved for 79 assisted living/memory care units

3 Acres featuring 19,000sf medical office buildings & 7,000sf pharmacy and restaurant


$23,000,000 Phase l to build apartment rental units in 12 months

$22,000,000 Phase II to build assisted living facility in 3 months

$5,000,000 Phase III - IV

Phase III to build medical office in 3 months

Phase IV to build retail space in 6 months


Developers Preliminary Funding Request

$50,000,000 5 Phase Construction Loan Draw

$7,000,000 = 24 Months Deferred None Payment x 7% Hard Money

$1,000,000 = 1% Point Originator Broker + 1% Point Funding Facilitator


$58,000,000 (70% LTV) Principal Loan


$58,000,000 Interest Rates Cost = Post Development Conversion To 20 Year 5% Interest Rates


$116,000,000 20 Year Principal Loan + Interest Rates Cost


240 Months (20 Years)


$475,000 Estimated Monthly Repayments


Post Development Projected Future Revenues

$450,000 = 150 Rental Units Average 620SF Projected x $3,000 Projected Monthly Lease Per Unit

$395,000 = 79 Average 635SF Projected x $5,000 Projected Monthly Lease Per Assisted Living

$520,000 = 19,000SF Medical Building + 7,000SF Retail x $20SF Per Month


$1,365,000 Monthly Rental Revenues Fully Operational

$475,000 Estimated Monthly Repayments

$690,000 Estimated Operating Monthly Cost


$200,000 Net Monthly Revenues Cashout


$85,000,000 Projected Future Value

$47,000,000 = 150 Rental Units x 620SF x Per $500SF

$25,000,000 = 79 Assisted Living Units x 635SF x Per $500SF

$13,000,000 = 19,000SF Medical Building + 7,000 Retails Space x Per $500SF

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Have you received funding for this project yet? 

If not, email me @ PrettyGurylsInvestments@gmail.com let's discuss your project.

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